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I am a big fan of chewing. The primal nature of sinking my teeth into something crunchy, or gooey, fluffy, or creamy is intensely satisfying. And for this reason, smoothies have not always done it for me. In the past I have consumed meal replacement smoothies that have left me wanting more. The meal did not feel complete. What a tease. Sure they can be a delicious cool and portable, convenient treat, but quite often these popular "healthy" meal/drink/milkshake doppelgangers are packed with sugar, sketchy protein powders, and a plethora calories. After five rounds of Whole30, I have learned a lot about my ever evolving relationship with food. I have come to understand the importance of eating real, whole foods. Foods that make your more healthy, not more sick. I also learned the importance of truly experiencing my food, savoring the texture, aroma and taste of the foods that I choose to fuel my body with, as they are my choices, and I am accountable for them. It gets pretty deep. Oddly enough, chewing plays a pretty big role in my ideal of overall presence.

I had been feeling great with my Paleo lifestyle, and had lost the majority of my baby weight. However, I couldn't seem to drop the infamous "last 10". Enter the Keto Diet. By adjusting my macronutrient ratios, ( 5% carbohydrate 20% protein 75% fat) those stubborn lbs just melted off. Going super low carb for breakfast proved to be easy, as it didn't require any adjusting. I had been a big fan of bulletproof coffee since I transitioned to a Paleo diet after my son was born. The collagen and fat carry me easily through to the early afternoon. Lunch for me was the tough one. I wanted a meal packed with leafy greens, that was quick and reliable. I also didn't feel the need to dig into my Butcher Box arsenal for lunch. I have reserved the majority of that meat for easy dinners. This Keto Green Smoothie is slightly sweet, and incredibly satisfying due to its high fat content. I make about three per week, and have not missed chewing my lunch at all.


1/2 cup water

1/2 cup almond milk

1 scoop grass-fed collagen powder ( I used Vital Proteins Beauty Greens here)

1 cup baby spinach

1/2 avocado

1 tablespoon coconut oil

about 7 drops of vanilla creme liquid stevia

a generous pinch of sea salt

5 ice cubes

combine all ingredients in the blender. pulse until ice is smooth, and continue to blend at a high speed until it reaches the desired consistency. Add water or almond milk to thin if necessary.

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